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that was pretty cool

how did you do that though? like in flash.

lol that was pretty funny...

thats pretty much what i did too... with the shiny eyes and stuff. Only i didnt get killed lol

great movie

thats what happened to me!

i had that exact same reaction! i was on the site just now and i saw it a few minutes ago. IF THEY DO THAT ONE MORE TIME I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!! jk

Jimtopia responds:

lol, I hope they don't delay it again, I like living.

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i was playing for about 1 minute and found that it was too tedious and that i had a lot of better things to do.

very great game

very fun and addicting. i was on my computer for a very long time, playing through those 8 missions several times. Survival mode was not well developed. 100 ore per level is not enough to fend off that many enemies. There also could have been more missions that involve fighting enemy drone colonies. And it was kind of annoying to only be able to build one drone at a time. Maybe you could of made the mothership design a little bigger, with several drone deployment ports? That way you could build more drones faster.
Overall, it was an awesome game.
PS - i did not see any use for the technology, since you dont have much time to complete most missions. It takes way too long to upgrade it.


i finished the game in about 2 minutes. You can still cheat by right-clicking. thats the only flaw.

btw, can you help me, ive been working on a mouse avoider too and i cant disable clicking to cheat. ive tried if (Key.isDown(1 and 2)) but it still wont work.

Jurian responds:

I just made my Background a button with this code:

on(press) {gotoandstop("Cheater", 1}

this isn't precise but you'll understandx what I did.

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thats awesome!

Very nice song! And hey, isn't the other song called Omega Wing?


This is so great, I can't explain how much value it has. You are a LEGEND. I love the laughing in the background near the end.

Downloaded >>> straight to the iPod ^^

Waterflame responds:

Hi man! thanks alot! :D glad you liked it that much ^^

That is awesome

This song is just so cool. And dude where do you get all those awesome drum samples??? Love your work, keep at it :D

Waterflame responds:

they arent really that awesome :D most of the drumsounds in this song are from a prec. pac i found online long time ago.. also, one of the drums is a loop i made some days before this one XD thanks! i will!

You suck.

27, Male

school =(


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